Do you have a story about low self-esteem? Maybe you never felt like you “fit in”? If you’ve overcome a struggle with feeling different, looking different, or perhaps, are still struggling, please help us inspire, educate and validate others who are feeling or have felt the same way as you.


Why should I write for Boldly Me?

Your words matter. There is great power in sharing your story with others. It serves as validation for you as well as an inspiration for others who can relate to your experience. And as different and unique as you are, there are others who will relate to what you have to say.


Part of Boldly Me’s mission is to raise the self-esteem of others who are emotionally suffering from a physical difference, or just feel different and it’s keeping them from living boldly. With validation and encouragement, many people can embrace and transcend their differences, and ultimately live comfortably in their own skin.


Another part of our mission is public awareness, to educate others about people with either low self esteem, or physical differences.


By sharing your story on Boldly Me, you help us help others. YOU can make a difference.


What should I write for Boldly Me?

A story you’ve been wanting to tell, or one you think people should hear. Or a story you think others will benefit from. For example, maybe you feel passionate about any discrimination you feel. Or maybe you want to tell a funny (or not so funny) story about something that happened at the grocery store when someone asked you about your “difference”. Or maybe you overcame a big fear you’ve had all your life. Or maybe, Boldly Me has helped you in some way – tell us about it!


To see what stories we have published, and to give you an idea of what you can contribute, go to our My Story section.


What if I have more than one story to tell?

We hope you share them here. In fact, we are looking for regular columnists to share experiences of their day-to-day life as it relates to living with a physical difference. Simply contact us at, and tell us you’re interested in becoming a “blogger” or regular contributor to Boldly Me’s My Story.

Do I have to be previously published somewhere?

No. You don’t even have to be a professional “writer”. We want real stories from real people.


Do I have to use my real name?

We will keep you anonymous if you wish. By the same token, we will promote you, link to your website or blog, and give you a byline if you wish. Whatever you’re comfortable with.


What are your submission guidelines?

Stories can be any length, but if you want a suggested length, shoot for somewhere around 500-1000 words. But seriously, it can be any length.


Send the text of your story in the body of an email, or as an MS Word attachment.


Once your story is approved, we will request follow-up information, such as a short bio, a picture, a link to your blog or website, if you want your name published, and other information. You can provide as much or as little of this information as you are comfortable with.


Send your story to and put “My Story Submission” in the  subject line.


I have a question you didn’t answer here.

If you have any other questions about Boldly Me’s My Story, simply contact us at

Boldly Me effectively redirects students who think about hurting others or themselves to more healthier behavior socially and emotionally.

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