Self Esteem & Communication

This one-hour long class is designed to equip you with the life skills and tools to help build a healthier self-esteem, self-compassion, and more effective communication for building successful relationships.


A healthy self-esteem is having a balanced, accurate view of yourself. You have a good opinion of your abilities but also recognize your flaws. When you understand your own worth, you invite the respect of others.


Topics that will be presented along with attendee interactive participation includes:


  • Self Esteem: When you value yourself, you feel secure, worthwhile, and more likely to have positive relationships with others. You are confident about your abilities, tending to do well at school or work while being open to learning and feedback, which can help you acquire and master new skills. You become more assertive in expressing your needs, opinions and confident in the ability to make decisions. You're able to form secure and honest relationships — and be less likely to stay in unhealthy ones. You are more realistic in your expectations and less likely to be overcritical of yourself and others being more resilient, better able to weather stress and setbacks.You'll be less likely to experience feelings such as hopelessness, worthlessness, guilt and shame or to develop mental health conditions, such as eating disorders, addictions, depression and anxiety.


  • My Feelings: You'll learn about ways we communicate, how to control destructive emotions, the importance of letting go of Fear, identifying Anger and the reasons for it, how to make it work for you, and how to dispel anger.


  • Self Care: You'll learn how everyone has a "Love Cup," how to identify your own love language as well as others, and understanding the effect of Hormones on our feelings and emotions.


  • Communication Styles: Learning the three major communication styles and identifying your style.


  • The Bottom Line: Knowing the power tools for being the hero of your own story and applying the Boldly Me Promise and Aspirations to your life!


Class held:

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One of the following trainers:
Alanna, Karen, Maria, Seth, Brandon, Quron, Russ, Sarah, Faith.

Relationships & Me

Why do marriages last a lifetime? Why do some friendships last and others don’t? Learn the secrets for making relationships work so people are excited to be part of your life. Relationships are the essence of your success, starting from the moment you were born to an ideal life partner. Relationships are the core of our success personally and professionally. Come learn how to make them work.


US Census Bureau Statistics (Oct 2012): 41% of first marriages failing, 60% of second marriages failing, and 73% of third marriages failing. 65% of all divorces are initiated by women 43% of children growing up in America are being raised without a father. If you’re tired of relationships failing (family, friends, lovers) and you are ready to figure it out….come to our class!


Be Boldly You. Figure it out & you can fix it!


Class held:

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One of the following trainers:
Alanna, Karen, Maria, Seth, Brandon, Quron, Russ, Sarah, Faith.



Me & My Thoughts

This one-on-one consult or group session with Allanna Powell, President & Founder, will help to assess the thought patterns an individual may have by filling out a questionnaire. These are thought patterns that may be keeping them in a negative cycle of defeat. This process can help to steer individuals on the appropriate path and steps to their healing.


Some of the questions on the questionnaire may include:

  • What are your five fears or thoughts that you have currently?

  • How often do you have these thoughts?

  • What are your favorite five positive thoughts, sayings, or
    compliments you have heard?

  • What is an action that you have chosen to remind you to
    reset your thought pattern?

  • Pick three people who will help remind you when you need
    to reset your thought pattern.


Once the individual is taken through this series of assessment questions, recommendations for folllow up actions to work through can be made. Follow up actions may include referrals to one of several of the Professional Medical and Certified Marriage and Family Counselors Boldly Me partners with.


Set up an appointment by filling out and submitting the Consult/Class Request Form, also by printing a copy of the Adult Participant Liability Form and/or a copy of the Child Participant Liability Form and mailing it to:


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Consultant: Alanna Powell

Boldly Me effectively redirects students who think about hurting others or themselves to more healthier behavior socially and emotionally.

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