Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services and Boldly Me have teamed up to offer two mental health-related certification courses


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Self Compassion Classes
Loving yourself as you are is critical to being healthy. Being able to communicate your needs with ease and confidence is essential to our daily lives. Come learn how to find confidence in yourself, present yourself positively, and build healthy win-win relationships. You deserve to be happy. Classes are available for all ages.


  • Self Esteem & Communication

  • Relationships & Me

  • Me & My Thoughts

Physical Well-Being Classes

Learn how to become physically well through play and self care. Your body is a temple, and you're in charge of it. Relaxing your mind and body to find inner peace, exercising to improve your motor skills and coordination, and playing in a safe, non-judgemental environment creates an oasis for those striving to be physically well. These classes will help you actively learn the Boldly Me values while growing your self-compassion skills. Classes are for all ages.


  • Relaxation

  • Theatre & Dance

  • Sports

Financial Stability Classes
There are 86,400 seconds in a day. We believe you deserve to make them count by living your passion and securing financial stability. Come and learn how to have a healthy relationship with your money and live on a realistic budget. Learn how to become one of the highest ranking employees at your company, and discover how to make money while living your life purpose. We want to help you to make every second of your life AMAZING!


  • Money & Me

  • Stellar Employees

  • Living Your Passion & Making Money

Boldly Me effectively redirects students who think about hurting others or themselves to more healthier behavior socially and emotionally.

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