You've come to the right place! It is through the time, care, and compassion of ordinary people who can do extraordinary things. Together we can make a difference in our families, schools, communities, and the world around us.


Boldly Me is always looking for people with various backgrounds, talents, giftings, and skill levels. Our needs are often specific based on current events and levels of support, but we'll do our best to accomodate your desire and passion to get involved in serving our communities.


Boldly Me is excited to partner with various unified school districts around the Bay Area to reach kids and youth. As a Trainer, you would provide educational and motivational programs used to address a number of social problems occuring in schools all over the world. These social issues usually stem from a low self-esteem and unhealthy relationships often leading to bullying, depression, and suicides.


If you are an Educator currently teaching or have retired from teaching, Boldly Me would like the opportunity to partner with you to reach students in your school area and community. We are a service provider offering training within your school to help improve the social relationships among students, parents and teachers.