Money & Me

A How-Money-Works Seminar


How can you reach your financial goals and dreams? We will present the fundamental concepts that have helped millions build financial security.


This seminar covers:

  • The three different savings accounts you need

  • Ways to reduce debt

  • Retirement savings strategies

  • How my life insurance really works

  • The high cost of waiting to save...and more!


Classes held:

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Stellar Employees

Have you ever wondered what attributes makes for Stellar Employees? You too can learn the skills needed to help you to become that exceptional employee that employers, companies and organizations are looking for. 


A stellar employee is different from the average worker. They are producers of high quality work and often exceed expectations. They can be trusted to get things done, are committed to their work, and will stay on top of things.


In this class, you'll learn the importance of:

  • Assertive communication

  • Teamwork

  • Being personally accountable

  • Setting goals

  • Knowing how to follow appropriate workplace
    protocols, or following the chain of command

  • Prioritizing daily tasks

  • Being consistent in your work


Classes held:

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Steve Goveia’s passion is helping and coaching people to build their dreams into companies with sustainable revenue growth. He has deep domain experience within the health care,

human capital, and educational managment industries. Steve has over 30 years of experience in the global business world as an entrepreneur and consultant to businesses in various industries such as healthcare, human resources, and education management. Levi Strauss, Leapfrog, and Sega are a few of the well known companies Steve has worked with. He received his MBA from the University of South Carolina and has CPA and GPHR certification. He has served on several technology boards and currently serves on the Boards of EpicHR and Neptune Rewards.

Boldly Me is proud to present this life-changing 4-month seminar Tranformation from Employee to Entrepreneur


86400: Starting a New Business

Are You Ready? The current economy has created an atmosphere in which the rules for earning a living have changed. Many believe that entrepreneurship is the answer for self determination and financial freedom. In this four-month seminar, Steve Goveia will teach the basics of starting a business.

  • He will begin the discussion about the psychology of starting a business.

  • He will question your thinking and challenge your tolerance for completing the tasks required.

  • He will emphasize the differences between employees and entrepreneurs.

  • He will instruct you on how to get started and chart a course for you to determine the viability of your idea.

  • Finally, he will give you a road map including brief stops to explain:

❯ Business Formulation

❯ Financing

❯ Human Resources Management

❯ Insurance

❯ Marketing

❯ Risk Management

❯ Sales

❯ Social Media

❯ Strategy

❯ Working with sources of financing to

develop a fully executable business


Class days, times, and location:

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Teacher: Stephen Goveia


Phone: (925) 989-1716


Donation: $299.00

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